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Saturday, July 29, 2006

I went to Muchuan again. I have not go in a long time.I am supposed to meet Cloud for dinner, but he's held up by work, so I ate alone and went to straight to Muchuan to wait for him.

When I reached, I found that Weiyang had got himself a new guitar. It's an electric guitar. He spent a fortune on it. Michael say it cost a manager's 1 month salary. He's quite thrilled with it and keep talking about it. I also found out that it was to be Michael's 2nd last performance of the year. His last performance will be on the 11th August, after which, he'll take a break until next year. I am not aware of his reason for doing so, but it seems like he's got something on. Weiyang and Ah Seng will still be performing. They have another guy replace Michael until the new year.

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