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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

So paiseh. Had been nua lately and not updating much. Basically life has been good for me. Has played mahjongs for the past few weeks. I played 3 times and everytime I won. Though other than the 1st time, the others are by onli abt $10. But compare this to the beginning of this chinese year where I been losing greatly everytime, it's a very very very good improvement!!

I also been watching the new voting show, The Ultimate Comedian. I think it was quite nice. Please go watch if you can. :P

And I just heard that there's a coup by the military in Thailand. Tanks are blocking the roads to the Gahmen HQ. All TV channels are showing the King walking around. But supposedly, it's normal for the Thais. There's always coups. The King is, well, King. And Thaksin has pissed them 1 time too many, so they took the chance when he's not around to stage a coup. Ok, I don't know the details well. If you wanna know more, go read the news.

That's all for now. Do keep coming back. Thanks!

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