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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I suddenly had a thought.

Imagine you have just been appointed as the chairman to a big company that your father founded. He has incredibly, against all odds, single-handedly, bring the company from nothing to a world renowned company. He's getting late on his years, and is no longer the chairman when you take over, he's still in the board of directors, contributing what he has to bring the company to even greater heights.

There are a lot of speculations about what his role would be when you took over. What would you do about him when you take over? Would ask him to stay in the company and help out, or would you ask him to retire?

I would chose the later. Firstly, it's for his own good. at his age, he should be relaxing and enjoying his life and not slogging his life for the company.

Secondly, it's for my own good. As long he's around, whatever I do will be in his shadow. I'll never get to be my own man. If we have a clash in ideas and I insists on my way, I will be unfillial. If I let him have his way, I'll be a puppet. And any good idea of mine will be seen as his.

And thirdly, for the good of the company. Times are changing. What works 20 years ago, may not be working now. His stlye of running the company may not be the best for the company after all these years. And, even if he manages to keep abreasts of the situation and still able to make sound judgement, he's not going to be around for another 20 years. It's better to get someone younger in so that they can learn the trade well and can take over in the future. I am not saying we should all kick out the old man in the companies. All organisations needs a mixture of youth and experience. A balance between them needs to be striked, to ensure continuity and that the company is run at a optimal level.

What do you think?

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