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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Early in the morning, I went for my bike lessons. This is lesson 3.01, and it's the 4th time I am taking this lesson. So they assigned 1 instructor to specially coach me. Not much of a difference I thought. This is because this lesson is on moving on a thin plank and then slalom around a few cones, and there is only 1 place in the circuit to do this. So even though I have a personal instructor, I still have to queue for using the plank and cones. Nevertheless, I really did improve over the last 3 times and managed to pass this lesson. Yah!

About midway thru the lesson, it started to drizzle lightly. Just lightly, so we can continue with the lesson. But about 15 minutes from the end of the lesson, it started raining heavily and our lessons were cut short. Luckily all of us passed.

As I was waiting for the shuttle bus, I see a nice sight in front of me. All the cars are parked in 1 area of the circuit. A lot of the instructors are waiting beside the car for their students. They are all holding the driving center umrellas, which is white and blue. It's a sea of blue-whites. Reminds me of the game Roller Coaster.

After the lesson, it's down to Funan to meet my ex-client. He got a problem which need my help. Though I am not with the company anymore, I went to meet him to listen him out and then tell my friend what he needs so that she can plan on how to service him.

After the meeting, it's to Holland Road to meet Bern and Gerald for lunch. After lunch, there's a little bit of breather and I went home for a short nap and then it's to Chinatown to pay bills. And then it's to ICA at Lavender to replace my IC. No, I did not lose it. I have to replace it because I am old I am over a certain age.

And then it's meeting with Bern and Cloud for tea. And then it's badminton.

Seems like a lot to do in 1 day. But it's almost over now...

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