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Saturday, October 07, 2006

This time, it's dinner at IKOI. They are having Japanese ala carte buffet for about $30. It's at Mirarma hotel. They need to make reservations and I am not really into sashimi and sushi, so I did not commit for it. Luckily, I can't find anyone else to go out with me that night, and with a few pilots, I am able to join them. :P

We ordered a lot of sashimi. The swordfish is quite nice. so is the salmon. And of cos, the barflies are funny people to have around.

After dinner, we went to Bar Celona for some drinks. TK, Mandrake and Joel gotta leave early. Then Art Beng called me to go drinking at Meridien, so in the end, only left 4 of them there.

Apparently, Art Beng was at Shun Li, a pub at the peranakan place. He was with his colleagues and 4 nice chicks were talking to them. Art Beng has a very stupid reason for wanting to leave them, so he asked to meet me at Meridien. We were there for barely an hour before he asked to go back to Shun Li.

When we reach Shun Li, the 4 chicks were gone, except for 1, who is only interested in talking to his handsome colleague. Haha! Anyway, we'll call him Biscuit.

He has another colleague, a tall girl. We'll call her Tall. He told me she's a very girl next door type of girl. But that night, I think she drank quite a lot such that she's pretty high. She leaves near to Biscuit, and they are supposed to go home together. Another tall guy was hitting on her and laying it very thick, and she was sort of flirting with him. I would have thought they would leave the pub together. We were worried that if that happens, she might regret it the next morning if it happens, so we decide to make sure she got onto the cab safely with Biscuit before going home ourselves. Of course, if she insists on leaving with the guy, we can't do anything. It's her choice. I overheard the guy offering to send her back a lot of times, and I was impressed that she reject it each time. So she got good self control when drank. We did see her up the cab with Biscuit and we leave for home happily. Art got into another cab and I took the night bus.

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