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Thursday, October 05, 2006

After the last exercise , I had a couple of better nights. I was still bitten, but it was at a ignorable rate. Of course, with these vermins, it doesn't take long before they disrupt my sleep again. This time, I looked harder. I realise they can be much smaller than those I've killed earlier. So small, they look like a speck of dust. So small, and they suck so much blood from me. The swollen bumps I've got are all pretty big. I doubt I managed to kill them all this time too. Let's see how long this last...

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Anonymous Gerald the Phoenix said...

Eeeeeee Ah Mun you gotta do something about it!!! And you said you "happily let them share my (your) bed with me (you)" yucks I cannot understand how you can do that!! Bedbugs are one of the most disgusting insects on Earth - you might be unwittingly spreading them to other public furnitures (bus seats, beds in chalets which you may share with ur friends) via your clothes and body too! Sounds really like a dirty old man! Get your bed totally ridded of bedbugs! Get some professional help! If not for your sake, at least for your friends and general public's sake!

10/15/2006 10:11 PM  

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