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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

I've always been against the way PAP run Singapore. I can't wait to see them out of office. But sometimes the criticism thrown at them is so over the top.


"It’s actually just good fun," replied Minister Chan when asked about the arch.

"It’s just part of our heritage… and to recognise how Queenstown started 60 years ago, how far we have come and how far more we want to go.

I see nothing wrong with this. Maybe it's because I've never lived under colonial rule, but they did convert us from a fishing village to a bustling city.

But I see these in the comments
This is what you get for having a young inexperienced man to be a Minister.

He thought this is fun. Fun for who ? Of course for him !

For many of us who lived under the British colonial rule, we are glad we are out of it.
Then we were treated second class. The white men were deemed superior , the local second class.

To think that this Minister want to go back to that times !
What is he thinking ? Too brainy for his own good, definitely no EQ .

This reinforces the poor poor choice of Pee M to promote him to be a Minister.
Hope he will be out GE 2016 and never be the next PM !
The white men were deemed superior? Even now, there are Singaporeans who still deemed the "white men" superior. How many companies will engage a vendor over others just because they have a Caucasian CEO? I don't like CCS, but voting him out cause of this makes poor justification.

Oh my god…and this fella is going to be our next Prime Minister…dear all, better cast your votes wisely come GE 2016. If not, we are going to end up with more jokers like him to fast track the downfall of Singapore.
Another call to vote him out for this.

“It’s actually just good fun,” replied Minister Chan when asked about the arch.

Good fun? What the fark is that? You proclaim “Long Live the Queen!” and then turn around and say its all in good fun?

So what you are really saying is that these people does not mean it when they put it up. In fact they cannot be bothered if the Queen dies tomorrow? Then put it up for what?

And you dream of being our PM when you cannot even explain this logically? I sense dishonesty in your answers.

Are you retarded Chan Chun Seng?
Another anti CCS comment.

Maybe anti PAP sentiment has gone so strong that everything that they do is wrong. But such weak arguments to remove them will only paint everyone who supports the opposition parties in a bad light.

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