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Monday, July 08, 2013

There are a lot of old people working in Singapore. You see them driving taxis, helping out in kopitiams, selling tissue papers, fast food restaurants, etc.

I understand that there can be 2 reasons for old people working. One is that they find it boring, untenable to be lazing at home. Two is that they really need the money. Scenario 2 is where I find it depressing. Our country has failed them. We make contribute to our economy their whole life, and we can't let them take a break and enjoy the fruits of their labour in their later years. I used to think this is the more depressing scenario.

Until I come across this article recently, which got me thinking:
TOC - Why are you still driving a taxi at age 73?

People that belong to group 1, they are so attached to work that they don't want to slow down. They are so attached to the idea of working and it's how they measure their self-worth. Our income has so much become our life that we forgot there's another important part to it. Our relationship with the people around us, especially our family. What happens to walks in the parks? Having a game of chess with friends? Just plain chit chatting and catching up with friends and family? Having fun with our children and grand children? We have spent so much of our effort in our work that we neglect our family and friends while we are young, are we going to do that when we are old too? Or is it that due to our workaholic tendencies, we forgot to build our family, which leads to us not having one to turn to for solace and joy after our retirement?

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