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Friday, June 14, 2013

Someone is going to beg for mercy for Rebecca, who allegedly throw her 9 year old son out of the window.

More information on this case

Recently I saw a friend posted this on his facebook.
A plea for a lighter sentencing should not be supported. Our judicial system places grave importance to the role of a mother in eastern traditions.

This is evident when during divorce proceedings, unless the father has a strong case against the mother's ability to raise her child, custody is almost always awarded to the mother. There is trust vested in her that she will leave no stone unturned in nurturing her child and providing him with the best she possibly can, regardless of his mental and physical condition.

Murder in the form of pushing him down a block of flats was certainly not the best option. It is also not what the poor boy would have expected of his mother, his sole source of emotional and physical strength.

Supporting tomorrow's event will only glorify her alleged innocence based on a single fact of her being a " single mother". If the law were to soften it's stance on her case, it will set precedence that single mothers are immune to the law regardless of the crimes they commit.

I don't really agree with it. My opinion is that no mother will kill trivially kill their own son. Whether we agree with her action, she must have gone thru anguish and pain before coming to the conclusion that killing her son is the best option for him. I am be wrong, but I think her case is a sad one and warrants more compassion when passing her sentence.

Another point to note is that, according to the article, it's not known if she throw him out or he jumps on his own. We only know she says she killed him.

Whatever it is, the support for her is definitely not based on the single fact of her being a single mother. And saying that if the law is to soften for her, it will set precedence that single mothers are immune to the law is like the ruling party saying losing seats to opposition parties will cause the country's economy to crash.

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