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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Excerpts from CNA Forum

ex-SMRT staff on why SMRT breaks down...

The problem all started when the Sr staffs were retrenched, resigned, retired and asked to leave. When she took over how many senior staff with years of experience and trained by experts from Japan, England and Hong Kong that did not agreed with her was removed and replaced with young people with paper qualifications and have not the slightest idea of how to run a train system. There these young management staff tried to impress her by backstabbing each other, come out with hairbrain ideas or quick fix solutions that did not sound in the long run. Well guess what after 10 years of this type of from a well oiled and smooth running system she ran it to the ground. Mark my words as long as she is in the helm surrounded by her clueless dogs there will be no improvment.

That was the time I took a serious look at my retirement plan. Then came her waves of cost cutting measures, buying of cheap spares that looks good on paper but can't even last till the next round of preventive maintainance, reduce the manpower to all sections working at skeleton crew level. The last straw came when some of my junior staffs was not satisfied with the way they were graded and the amount they got compare to what their bosses got. They brough it up to the union and HR and they got the same reply " The door is always open". That was when I knew the has hit the ceiling and I took my earily retirment and joined my fellow former co-workers.

yenyenpark just copied from another forum

the info is accurate....some old birds retired, many gave up and joined LTA / SBS NEL....

can you imagine a very small group of key NEL staff has a combined MRT engineering experience of >200 yrs...while a much bigger group of SMRT senior management has <60 yrs of train and track experience

the most senior and well respected of the 1980s pioneers are leading NEL and Down Town Lines; the brightest of this batch is the chief of LTA MRT, now leading in the investigations.....

Ask anyone from SMRT, how many senior staff has more than 20 yrs railway engineering experience.....

It is not a surprise that ah Lui went to LTA to look for the answer, all the super insider old birds are there....they knew exactly where the root causes are, that explains why so many 3rd rail claws were found dislodged during the overnight inspections led by LTA.....

God bless S'pore. God bless ah Lui.

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