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Friday, March 19, 2010

I got this in an email.

A Singapore man's unhappy experience with a PRC lady

Termasek Review

The below email has been circulating around in cyberspace and was forwarded to us for publication. For those of you who knows the identity of the author, pl ease keep it strictly confidential.

Please forward this to all your male Singaporean loved ones and friends. This is something that actually happened to me and I feel that it needs to be shared. I believe my experience will help your male loved one stay out of trouble.

On the morning of 18th February at about 9.50 am I was standing at Coffee Bean (Novena Square) counter, ordering my usual cup of mocha latte before heading into the office as usual. Behind me was a row of leather cushions that the mall has provided. In the corner of my eyes, I noticed a middle aged Chinese lady with an umbrella and a cold storage plastic bag, looking really nervous, glancing around every now and then.

The lady had shoulder length hair tied up neatly in a pony tail and looked pretty plain, wearing just a normal t-shirt and jeans - nothing too revealing. She was about mid 2 0s to early 30s and pretty pleasant looking I must say. But her eyes were scary when she stared intently at me for a short moment I did not pay much attention to her as I thought she was waiting for the slimming centre to open. I carried on my business as usual, glancing through the Today newspaper.

As I made my way towards the direction of Banquet coffee shop, she stood up and walked towards my direction. What happened next caught me completely by surprise.

The lady stopped directly in front me of, stared at me and suddenly screamed "Why you touch me?" Only then did I realise from her unmistakable accent that she is from China . I said "Sorry? What are you talking about?" I was more in shock then angry. The first thing that came to my mind was, is this some woman that I accidentally brushed on the train this morning?

She did not bother to explain but kept on screaming and pointing her index finger at me "Why you touch me!" about 4 or 5 times. She then squatted, covering her face and cried, crying out over and over again that I had touched her. I was really lost. There were some people walking past me and I felt like a criminal standing there, while people gave me this disgusted look. All the while I was trying to talk to the China lady but she remains in a squatted position, covering her face and crying.

At this point of time, a Malay bang in light blue coloured uniform walked over from Banquet. Seeing the situation he asked me what happened. The lady stood up and said that I had "touched" her. She then told the Malay bang that I need to giver her $500 to "see doctor" or else she would report me to the Chinese Embassy. She took out her hand phone and took several photos of me.

The Malay bang then said, "Bro, I think we better call the police". At this point of time, I have gotten over my shock and anger was slowly taking over. I nodded to the Malay bang in agreement. I took out my hand phone too. But instead of taking her photo, I dialled 999 immediately. "I am calling the police myself. Let them settle the matter". I said calmly to the both of them. At this point of time, she picked up her plastic bag and umbrella, and swiftly left towards the direction of Tan Tock Seng hospital - even before my call could connect!

We were left there puzzled. Somehow I was relieved that it was over and did not want to proceed with the call. The Malay bang asked me if I was ok. All I said was "Thanks". He patted my shoulder and walked away towards the direction of Coffee Bean. Several patrons inside banquet were already witnessing the commotion. I just wanted to get out of there.

In case something like this happens to you or your loved ones, do not make the same mistake I did, trying to console the woman. Immediately take out your hand phone, take a photo of her and call the police. Please help to spread this around to our Singaporean husbands, sons, brothers and friends.

Please, my dear Singaporeans, look around you, what has happened to our country? Where have all these pests come from? Think about your loved ones and your other Singaporean friends. Forward this story and make sure that they know what to do when the same thing happens to them.

I don't like gahmen's policy of overcrowding our island. I especially hate the way they do this. It's their fault that there's now a Sg-born vs Immigrants mindset going around. But we should still be objective when looking at issues.

In the above email, the act that the person talk about could be committed by a Sg-born lady as well. And I doubt he will bother to write this email if she's Sg-born. This email stems from a certain hatred towards Sg new immigrants, PRCs in particular. And there's a certain discrimination to this as well. "All PRC in Sg are bad people"?

I am not saying the PRCs are angels. But when 1 of them do something bad, how can we put the blame on the whole lot of them? Aren't Sg-born capable of crime too? Are we going to send out emails to say that Sg-born are all villains?

And, lastly, I find it sad that it has come to "Don't be nice to strangers in trouble. They are are bad and will harm you". So everybody should be hostile to everybody? What kind of society are we building?

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