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Monday, November 02, 2009

Liverpool lost a game over the weekend again. I hate it when Liverpool loses any game. Not that I expect them to win every game, but the reactions from the press and certain fans is so irritating. Every lost is a disaster. And if the lost happens a bit more frequently, there will be calls for changes. The manager is not good. He has brought the team as far as he can go. He need to make way for better replacements. Nevermind that he has shown in his past few years of service that he has ability in abundance. I am so sick of all these talks. Liverpoolfc is not allowed to make mistakes. All mistakes will be scrutinised and magnified. I don't know about what other people think, but I thought that Liverpool fc is like a family. I want them to do well. But whatever results they show them, I'll still love them and support them. When they lose 1 game, the next game I'll shout louder to cheer them on. Not shout louder to get them down.

And those same people who ask for changes wants big names, big names that is to be bought by money, and yet criticize Chelsea for buying their success. Hypocrites, they are.

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