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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've been following the drama in AWARE. I've spoken to my friends about my disdain to the Christian fundies. Somehow, people will ignore the word fundie and assume I am against Christianity itself. While I don't really believe in Christianity, I have nothing against it. I have nothing against the belief of the fundies even. What I am against is only the way that the fundies try to get everyone to follow their belief.

I can understand their motive. They think we are heading to our destruction. Being the chivalrous heroes they are, they want to save us from ourselves and hence have us follow them on the path to salvation. I can accept that they try their hardest to convince me. But to force their belief on me is something I frown upon.

Anyway, I've digressed. Back to AWARE. I think this AWARE issue is going to be a significant event in future history books. This is going to be a turning point to our society, though I am not sure which direction. Much has been said of Singaporeans being too much of a procrastination type. We can complain about many a thing about the way our country is done, and yet not lift a finger to do anything about it. We can witness a wrong happen in front of our eyes and not do anything. Leave it to the authorities. But in the AWARE EGM, you see 1400+ people pay $40 and sat through several hours to support a cause they believe in. And the cause in my opinion is a noble 1. So does that mean Singaporeans are starting to come out of their shells?

Or it may go other way. The fundies, after been ousted, have gone underground. They have sent complain letters to MOE to cancel AWARE's sexual education to schools. They have attacked Siew Kum Hoong's role in the AWARE EGM. They are even circulating false info to do a character assasination on him as he's trying to go for a 2nd term as NMP. I have a very big problem about the latest incident. It has gone so bad that Siew has gone to the police. A libel suit is hanging in the air. While I agree that the line has been crossed, and that he's every right to correct the injustice done to him, I think this is going to muddy the water somewhat. Long has there been complains about our ruling party use of the libel suit to destroy oppositions. The lack of decent opposition politicians is partly blamed on this issue. People had hoped that such libel suits be stopped. Let there be free speech they say. Now, 1 of the proponent of free speech is possibly going to use libel suit on his opponent. The line is crossed, but where is the line? Whose line? Could be a can of worms we are opening. If Siew do nothing, then it's going to get worse for him. I sure hope it's me thinking too much about these.

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