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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Some time back, I found out from mrbrown about this Jerry Ee who found himself in the Interpol wanted list for disappearing with $7.9mil worth of watches from his employer, Cortina Watch. The picture Interpol used is a very dorky picture. Not something you would associate with a Interpol wanted criminal. I wonder if it's because it's only $7.9 mil. Maybe they would use a more macho photo if it's $79 mil.

Anyway, today, I found out that Cortina has sued him for $13.3 mil.
Though Mr Ee has not been found, lawyers told BT that the writ can be served to his last known address. Lawyer Robson Lee told BT that the plaintiff must first seek a court order to serve notice in this manner under what is known as substituted service.

Once the court order is obtained, the company can then seek the defendant's response on whether he is contesting the claim without serving the writ to the defendant directly. If the defendant makes no appearance within eight days, the plaintiff can apply for a default judgment, which is entered against an absent party of a lawsuit.

Lawyer Nicholas Narayanan said that with a default judgment, the court can execute judgment against the defendant's assets, including money in his bank accounts. Other ways of serving the notice would be to advertise in the newspapers, he added.

Mr Lee said that the court's decision can be overturned if the defendant offers a good reason for his absence.

I wonder if "I am hiding from Interpol" constitute as a good reason for his absence from court.

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