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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fluff Friends is the application in Facebook that I spent the most time on. The idea is that you go around petting other Fluff to earn 5 munny for each Fluff you get. You can only earn the 5 munny once from each Fluff in a day. The day starts from GMT 0:00:00.

However, there's no indication if you have already petted the Fluff. There's only 2 way to know. 1 is your memory. This gets more difficult when you pet more Fluff. 2 is you pet the Fluff, then it will inform you if you have petted before. Duh. A waste of time. Moreover, when you pet a Fluff, you can't pet another 1 until 5 seconds later.

So I decided to write a script for Greasemonkey in Firefox that will tell me if I have been to the Fluff page before. You can do a number of things in a Fluff page. You can pet, race, give gifts, or none of the above. But I made it a point to at least pet the Fluff for every Fluff I go to. So if a Fluff page I visited, I can assume I have already petted it.

At 1st, I tried to just change the style where the visited links is of a different colour. This can't really work as I need to reset it at GMT 0:00:00. I don't know how to reset visited links for only Fluff links. So I used cookie to keep track of the Fluff ID I've been to. And everytime a Fluff page is linked, I will check the Fluff ID against the cookie and change the color of the link if necessary. The cookie will expire on GMT 0:00:00.

However, I found another problem at night. After I petted numerous Fluff, the size of the cookie grew too big. So I have to save to a second cookie when the 1st cookie got too big. And it's working fine so far. Hopefully that's all the work I need to do on it. :P

Update: Following some feedback by Thierry, I added auto checking of the links every 2 minutes.

Update: After petting more than 700 fluff today, I got an error when I load fluff. The size of the cookie got too big. So I changed to using GM_setValue instead.

For those who wanted to use the script, you can get it at
Remember, it's for Firefox browser with the Greasemonkey extention. You can search for Greasemonkey on the Firefox extention site.

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