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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I remember reading some where that the poultry industry consumed so much of grains a year. And the amount of meat produced is much less than the amount of grains consumed. Similarly, much more water is consumed in other to produce the milk that we drink.

There are so many people going hungry and yet so many grains and water are wasted on the poultry. So we eat less meat so that more of the grains can be channeled to the poor?

I am not an economics expert, but I think the answer is no. If I am wrong, please tell me. The reason that so much grains is produced in the first place is because of the demand on meat. There is demand for meat because many people are willing to pay for the meat. If the demand for meat goes down, meaning people started eating less meats, there will be less demands for grains, which means the grains producer will soon be out of job. None of the grains will go to the poor regardless of the demand for meat, because those people can't pay for food regardless of the demand for meat.

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