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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Continue from 1st exploration of Bhutan

[IMAGE: BBS Tower]
BBS Tower
This is the BBS Tower. It's not an interesting place, and we can't get in there anyway. But the reason I am there to take this place is because this is the place where you can supposedly overlook the whole of the capital city, Thimphu.

[IMAGE: View at BBS Tower]
View at BBS Tower
This is the view. It's actually quite spectacular, but due to the limited skill of the photographer, and the presense of many flags and tree, the magnificence of the place is not really captured.

[IMAGE: View at BBS Tower]
View at BBS Tower
The flags and the flags at it again....

[IMAGE: View at BBS Tower]
View at BBS Tower
Another try.

[IMAGE: To higher ground]
To higher ground
We tried to climb higher to have a better view. Maybe there'll be less flags and less trees blocking. However, just walking up this small section have us panting like crazy.

[IMAGE: Higher ground]
Higher ground
And higher grounds have a lot of flags and trees as well.

[IMAGE: View from higher ground]
View from higher ground
But the view is nice.

[IMAGE: Group photo at BBS Tower]
Group photo at BBS Tower
So we left happy. I have to post more pictures with me inside, less I be accused of just downloading the pictures from internet.

[IMAGE: Bhutan National Zoo]
Bhutan National Zoo
BBS Tower is very what used to be their National Zoo. I heard that 1 day the Bhutan King decided that caging animals is too cruel and against their Buddhist principal and set all the animals free. Except 2. They were supposed to be too domesticated to be released back into the wild. They'll die of hunger or something.

[IMAGE: Deer]
One of it is the deer.

[IMAGE: Takin]
The other is their national animal, Takin. It has the head of a goat and the body of a cow. If you asked me to describe, I would say, head of goat with cow horns pointing backwards, body of yak and legs of goat.

[IMAGE: Takin]
They are quite tame. 1 takin came over when we wave the leaves we plucked from nearby and eat them.

[IMAGE: Deer watching]
Deer watching
There this small valley kind of area at the deer enclosure. They build a bridge across it beside the fence. This way, we can stand above the fence to look at the deers and take pictures of them.

[IMAGE: Killer litter]
Killer litter
I wonder which idiot threw the used mineral water bottle into the deer enclosure. It's bad enough to litter it outside. Now the deers are having a hard time trying to chew it.

[IMAGE: Legend of Takin]
Legend of Takin
The origin of Takin is printed here.

[IMAGE: Temple]
We also stop by a temple on the way back. They have a lot of the spin scripture thingy there. I managed to spin every single 1. I think I'll have a sore arm the next day.

[IMAGE: Soccer Pub]
Soccer Pub
There's an EPL game, Manure vs Chel$ki that night. I asked instructions from the hotel reception and found this place. There's noone else there at first and I got the whole projector screen to myself. Towards the end of the game then I see some Bhutanese join me at the sofa.

[IMAGE: Royal Family]
Royal Family
There's a fund raising carnival at the Clock Tower Square. The organisation was founded by the former Queen, the current King's stepmother, and some of the royal family were at the carnival. The pretty lady in purple is his majesty's sister. The lady in blue is his aunt. The lady in white is his stepmother. Somewhere on the bottom left of the picture, is a guy in black with a white sash. He's his cousin I think.

[IMAGE: Better view]
Better View
This guy is spotted on the opposite site of the street from Clock Tower Square. Is he trying to get a better view of the Princess?

[IMAGE: Carnival]
Quite a lot of people.

[IMAGE: Hoops]
Nice hoops.

[IMAGE: Betel nuts seller]
Betel Nuts Seller
They sell betel nuts.

[IMAGE: Dried fish]
Dried Fish
And dried fish. Among other things.

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amazing, i love those animals. xxx

6/14/2008 5:38 PM  

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