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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Continue from Getting to Bhutan

My time in Bhutan is mostly spent in the office. There is a lot of work to be done. And 3 meals are provided free at the hotel. There's hardly any reason to go out.

[IMAGE: Traditional Dance]
Traditional Dance
On one of the nights, somebody organise a traditional dance show for his guests. He rented a space in our hotel for it. And we sort of gate crashed in to watch it as well.

[IMAGE: Some Square]
Some Square
My 1st walk around town is a few days after we arrived. We do not have any local money with us, and our Bhutanese colleague bring us to the bank to buy the local currency. Along the way, we pass by this big square, with this structure in the middle.

[IMAGE: Good Lucky Thingy]
Good Lucky Thingy
I don't know what this is called. You can see it in a number of places. It's for good luck. I forgot the exact name as well. :P

[IMAGE: Good Lucky Thingy]
Good Lucky Thingy
This is a close up of the thingy. What's inscribed on the drums are Buddhist scriptures. You supposed to spin the drums by spinning the handle at the bottom. You have to spin every single drum. It's like you are reading it.

[IMAGE: Spinning the good Lucky Thingy]
Spinning the good Lucky Thingy
There. This local is doing it.

[IMAGE: Traffic Junction]
Traffic Junction
This is the traffic junction. There's no traffic lights. I was told Bhutan is the only Asian country where the capital do not have traffic lights. They installed traffic lights before, but the people complained it's too impersonal, so the government removed them.

[IMAGE: Orchard Road]
Orchard Road
We call this Orchard Road. There are malls and plazas and complex along this road. See the mountains in the distance? We are surrounded by mountains. The 2 guys in black on the bottom right corner, the 1 on the left is our Bhutanese colleague, while the 1 on the right is my Singapore colleague.

[IMAGE: City Center Complex]
City Center Complex
This is the City Center Complex.

[IMAGE: Druk Shopping Complex]
Druk Shopping Complex
This is Druk Shopping Complex. There's a hub at the basement level called Hub(pronouced Herb) Pub. The hotel recommended it when I ask them where can I watch soccer and drink beer. Not a bad place.

[IMAGE: Store display]
Store display
This is a creative way for placing their store display.

[IMAGE: Carom]
I see carom tables in quite a few places and a lot of people are playing. I wonder if they have to pay.

[IMAGE: Centerpoint]
Cool. They have Centerpoint here. Again, notice the mountain in the background?

[IMAGE: Cinema]
And right beside Centerpoint, is their cinema. The only one here. It used to show foreign films, not it only show Bhutanese film.

[IMAGE: BNB - Bhutan National Bank]
BNB - Bhutan National Bank
Finally we reached the bank. It's isn't far actually. Took us about 5 minutes by walking.

I was told they don't accept SG dollars, so I bought quite a number of US dollars. Unfortunately I left them all at home. So I bought additional US dollars from the airport. On reaching the bank, I realise they accept SG dollars. Duh. And worse, when I went to buy something, I received an India Rupee as change. When I asked the sales person about this, I was told that India Rupee currency is accepted in Bhutan just as Brunei dollars is accepted in Singapore.

[IMAGE: Post Office]
Post Office
Anyway, the BNB shares the same building as their Post Office. I came here once to buy stamp and post postcard.

[IMAGE: 7-11Neighbourhood Convenience Store]
Neighbourhood Convenience Store
On the way back to hotel, we passed by this grocery shop.

[IMAGE: Stadium]
We also saw this stadium in construction. I heard the King's coronation going to be held there.

[IMAGE: Bhutan Kitchen]
Bhutan Kitchen
After having eaten at the hotel for 1 whole week, we decided to went out for dinner 1 night. We were told this place is good. It looks nice, though the chairs are a bit low.

[IMAGE: Bhutan Kitchen]
Bhutan Kitchen
The food is quite expensive. It taste not ok. I think this is a tourist place, that's why so expensive.

So that's it again. Till next time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, is that ser wah in that last pic??!

5/04/2008 7:57 PM  
Blogger StupidGenius said...

yep. who else can he be.

who are u?

5/04/2008 8:04 PM  
Anonymous Phoenix said...

Those dishes...... I just can't make them out.. what the heck are those things? They are not of any recognisable food...

5/10/2008 7:20 PM  
Anonymous Kelvin said...

Whahah.. u send postcard to "facebook ger" ar? kekeke..

5/13/2008 1:34 AM  

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