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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Why are Singaporeans like me not treated as considerately as such scholars? My study loan took five years to pay off after I started working. The China scholars receive financial support, a free education and start their working lives debt free. Their six-year bond is seen as a contribution to Singapore.

While I am not against getting FT, why are we bending backwards for them when they are not better than our own people. People who have to go through National Service and stuff, are the 1 hurt in the process. Regarding loss of job opportunities, I can accept. I can fight them on a equal platform. But it's ridiculous if I am fighting with an disadvantage.

Another troubling things I heard is that a lot of the FT on scholarship here are offered citizenship. Seems like citizenship are given quite freely. A foreign married couple can apply for citizenship for 1 person and buy HDB. Something that locals cannot do. We have to at least marry a PR then we can buy HDB. I wonder how true this is.

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