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Sunday, January 13, 2008

"It's not a nice game to watch, Liverpool Trailing 1-0"

I did not say it. My friend was asking me if I am watching, and I said no. Then he said this statement.

I find this a very stupid statement and I can't even bother to rebuke. 1st thing, it's only midway through the 1st half. There's still plenty of time left. And 2nd, even if Liverpool lost, it's still worth watching too me. Yes, I would very much prefer that they win, but the more important thing is just to watch. Cheer when a nice move is excuted. Celebrate when there's a goal. Curse when they played badly. Swear when something unpleasant happen. Bite nails if the opponent is running all over them. This is all part of being a supporter. You don't shy away from a loved 1 just because he/she is going through a hard patch, do you?

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