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Monday, December 24, 2007

I gave a christmas present to a friend recently. When she unwrapped, she found a price tag inside. I know it's bad to put the price tag there, unless it's something very expensive and you want the person to know. My present is not expensive.

Anyway, my excuse is that I did not wrap the present. My sister did. I passed it to her before going to work and asked her to wrap for me. Obviously, she forgot to check for price tag before she wrap. Maybe I should have checked before passing to her. I thought she'll make sure of it before she starts.

Anyway, Alex was saying it shows that I do not have sincerity as I it's my sister who wrapped it, and not me. This is 1 thing I don't understand. If you did not wrap the present you want to give people is insincerity, then why do so many companies offer wrapping services if you buy from their shop? And all the long queue of people waiting for their presents to bewrapped, are they all without sincerity? All the shopping centers should just save their money, and not hire all the extra help for wrapping presents..

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