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Monday, November 19, 2007

I've been thinking. I like Steven Gerrard. He gives his all for Liverpool. He put in maximum effort, he drives the team forward when the going is bad. He scores goals. But I think he is a luxury. Not that I am looking to sell him, I am just voicing an observation. I don't have the figures to back me up on this I am too lazy to do the research, so if anyone can show me figures to refute or support my claims, I will be happy.

I seem to remember that when Steven Gerrard doesn't play, we don't really miss him. We still win games. For all his telling contributions when he plays, there's no big holes to plug when he doesn't. Alonso didn't play, and Liverpool midfield are holding badly. Especially when Agger is out as well. In the Arsenal game, we started losing the plot when Alonso was substituted. In the Everton game, we won it after Steven Gerrard was substituted. I am not saying we won because he's substituted. But that his absence to not weaken us.

This leads me to the conclusion that Gerrard did the spectacular things well. And hence his contributions are very important when he plays. But if he is not around, we are able to cope with no problem because our basic foundation is good. But Alonso does the basic things for us very well. So when he's not around, the team crumbles, or at least stutter. So that makes Gerrard a luxury. Good to have around, but won't miss too much when we don't have it.

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Anonymous Kelvin said...

When you compare Gerrard and Alonso, you are comparing an apple to an orange.

Both are fruits and provide gd vitamins for us but are still essentially different kind of fruits.

Alonso's passing, cover in front of the back four and ability to change defence into attack with one beautiful pass is essential to any team, whilst one cant discount Gerrards boundless energy, crucial tackles, box to box runs, crucial goals, leadership and last but not least the scouser spirit in the team.

One of the reasons why I pride myself as a Liverpool fan (and not an Arsenal one) is cause of the scouse backboone in the team. Without pple like Fowler, Owen, McManaman (in the past) and Gerrard, Carragher in the team now, Liverpool be a somewhat different liverpool.

Just my 2 cents. ;)

11/23/2007 5:55 PM  

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