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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Early in the 2nd day, Alex's friend, Lim, came and bring us for a dim sum breakfast. He brought along another friend, Harry, along. Alex had only talked to him for only 5 minutes before. These 2 guys actually worked for Alex back in his previous job and he want to give him a treat. And guess what, he doesn't have any ringgit, and Harry paid. Haha!

Then we went shopping. Guys kind of shopping. Nothing to write there. We went back to the hotel after the shopping to take a break before coming back out for a late dinner. Nothing exciting about that as well, and that wraps up the day.

The 3rd day is when my training starts. I went for breakfast in the hotel at 8am and leave at abt 8:15am. I was told the journey may take 30min. In the end, I took only 15min. It's a public holiday in Malaysia, and there's not much people on the road. It cost me $20. Later Alex told me it should cost me only $10 if I go by meter.

The course is quite interesting. I met Lai, an ex-colleague. The instructor is a nice guy. Knowlegeable. Overall, it's a good experience.

The taxi back in $15. Harry and Lim came with Eng tonight, and bring us to some ulu place in PJ for a seafood dinner. We had 4 crabs! And that's it for the day.

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