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Thursday, October 04, 2007

This morning, Kelvin asked me to play badminton tonight. It's a bit last minute, but since it's at Clementi Sports Hall, I agreed to go. As it's only Kelvin, his girlfriend and me playing, I wanted to find 1 more person to make it doubles. Kelvin only booked 1 court for 1 hour, so I don't want more than 4 persons going. After asking around, I managed to get Felyn to go. She did not bring her racket and her place is too far for her to go home to get it and then go Clementi to play. Since my racket is quite old, I told her I would buy a new pair to lend her. I might as well make use of this opportunity to buy me a new pair of racket.

This session is ok. I felt I did not have much of a workout. Maybe I was too lazy and Felyn was doing most of the running. Anyway, at the end of the game, I discovered the strings of my old racket has torn. I thought I could 2 rackets, the old 1 as spare. Looks like it's not willing.

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