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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gerald asked me to ta bao lunch for him. He told me he wants chicken rice + char siew + egg. Not exactly a simple order. Anyway, I was trying to buy his item when I realise the chicken rice shop doesn't sell char siews. And the char siew shop doesn't sell chicken. So I tried to call him to ask him about it, he did not answer.

I decided to walk back to office and buy his stuff from the coffee shop nearby. Along the way, I received his sms, "JUST chicken rice + char siew + egg will do". Sweet.

When I reach the coffee shop, the chicken rice shop that sells char siew is not opened. Haha! I tried to call him again and no answer again. Later I found out that his mobile is running low on battery, so he did not answer me. But if he can't answer me, he could have called me back using the office phone...

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Blogger AlexToh said...

This u also report...

9/27/2007 4:25 PM  

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