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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Barry from Hong Kong came for a visit. Art Beng and I bring him to a Japanese restaurant in Cuppage Center for dinner. I walked from my office to Centerpoint to meet them.

After dinner, we walked to Clarke Quay, intending to have a drink. When we reach there, Barry other Singaporean friend, asked us to join them at Loof, at Odeon Towers. So we walked there. Along the way, we passed by my office, and I realise I had walked 1 big round.

They have an interesting menu.

The view at Loof is quite nice. Barry's friends consists of 5 girls. Her brother and sister-in-law came as well, though they left quite early. It's a pretty large group.

Nice view
The view is quite nice at Loof. It's at the highest floor, which is 3rd story. It's open air and overlook onto Raffles Hotel. It's the 1st time I enjoy this view.

Group photo
The girls are all pretty nice people. Unfortunately, the nicest among them is married. I am not talking about the sister-in-law. By the way, 1 of the girls in the picture is not there. She's the photographer. I put her in. :P

Now to the main point of this article. After Loof, the girls went home, Art Beng, Barry and I met up with Henry and went supper. Before that, we decided to show Barry the aquarium market in Singapore. This is the first time I went into the aquariums. I have been there a few times, but never stepped in. There were so many aquariums in the street. We went in 1 by 1 to look at the fishes. We are not buying them of course, just sight seeing. Unfortunately, it's good business night last night for the aquariums. There aren't much fishes there, and they are the left overs, meaning the nice ones were taken.

So we proceed to have our supper. We ordered frog's leg porridge, which Barry liked a lot, and prawn noodle and Beef Hor Fan. As we were eating, I saw 2 tour buses came. I was a weird place for tourists to visit. And what's more weird is that, it's not tourists who alighted. It's students! Apparently, they specially came for the beef hor fan as well. Haha!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

at 1st tot wat aquarium u toking abt...then read somemore..understand liao..ha..

9/06/2007 11:54 AM  

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