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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I was going for my RT lessons. For those who don't know, we Singaporean men have to go for physical training tests conducted by our Armed Forces. If we fail, we have to go for Remedial Training, aka RT. As I said, I was going for 1 particular lesson. It's held inside an army camp, and cameras are not allowed. We have to deposit our cameras at the guard room before we go in.

Nowadays, how many of us are not using camera phones? Most are using camera phones right? So I find myself in a long queue to deposit more phone. After that, when I go into the camp, the guard did not check me at all when I flash him my voucher for depositing the phone. I could easily be carrying a 2nd camera, or worse, a bomb. Of course, I don't wish for their security to be too tight as it will be quite troublesome.

Which makes me realize 1 thing very wrong here. It's not the lack of security. Rather, why are we having physical conditioning sessions inside an army camp? Do doubt it's organized by the army, but all of us are going there only for physical conditioning. We don't need to be in contact with any sensitive Army material. If they are able to hold RT sessions outside the high security army camp, things will be so much simpler....

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Anonymous rude visitor said...

Then the army would have to lease or rent a plot of land from somebody. Thus wasting more tax payers money.

The issue here is sorry fat lards like you who never bother to stay fit are wasting tax payers money and not to mention the Army's and employers time. Yes including your friend's mum!

Start exercising and go marry her.

8/23/2007 10:45 AM  
Blogger StupidGenius said...

The army has plenty of land. It doesn't need to lease more land. Just use it more wisely. And the army has a big budget. so big that they sometimes have problem finding ways to spend.

and thanks for being so concerned abt my well being. i can decide for myself who and when to marry. in the meanwhile, get a life for yourself.

8/26/2007 12:29 AM  
Blogger vivian.mymelody said...

Way to go, Genius! :D

8/26/2007 11:27 AM  

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