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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I misplaced my wallet again today. I was in Bukit Gombak Sports Hall for badminton. After the game, I went to the toilet to change. After that I went for dinner with my friends and I put my things in Hanwen's car before that. As we were walking to the coffee shop, I realise my wallet is not with me. I thought I left it in Hanwen's car and thought nothing of it.

After dinner, Hanwen gave us a ride home. As we were leaving the car park, I realise my wallet is missing, so I get Hanwen to stop where I went to the toilet to look for the wallet. Unfortunately, it's locked.

As I was walking back to the car, my phone rang. It's from the Sports Hall office. She said she found my wallet and asked me to go collect it. It's really a series of fortunate events that led me back to my wallet. Lucky that no one took my wallet home. Lucky that no one took anything from the wallet. Lucky that the office lady found it as she has my numbers in her records as I booked the courts. Lucky that I realise it early enough and went looking for it, else I would have trouble retrieving it halfway when we are halfway home. Lucky that dinner did not end too early.


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