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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another personality test

There's only 4 questions about your eating habits. After I answered, I thought the result sound exactly like me. It should be a coincidence, or I could be wrong about myself. Well...

You are a sensitive person and often find yourself daydreaming about your past and future. You are quite conservative and the values that your parents and teachers instilled in you still play an important part in your decision making.

You are always wilful and most of the time, you are a stubborn person. But you love to work and are quite honest, which makes you good to get along with as a friend or lover.

You are tough, hard-working and responsible. When you are assigned to do something, you will do your best no matter how difficult the job at hand might be.

You are soft-minded. You find it's too hard to say "No" to others, especially when you are pushed. Quite often, you are taken advantage of because of your soft-minded nature.

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