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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's Vesak Day, a public holicay in Singapore, today. I arranged to meet Alex and friends in his place for a mahjong session on Wednesday night. As I was running late, I took a cab which cost me slightly more than $10. I won about $5 in the mahjong session, and I spent another $10 for taxi back home.

And if that wasn't enough, I went to the book fair and spent $80 for subscribing to a comic I read regularly. Then I went upstair to the PC Show where I wanted to buy some SD card. I have a SD card reader, and my mobile phone uses micro SD. And I saw that they sell DVDRW pretty cheap, so I spent about $200 there on a 2gb micro SD, a 8gb SD card, and a DVDRW drive with a USB case.

And that's not the end. I am supposed to meet Alex for dinner at about 10om. As it was early, I went to JS pub, and ordered 1 jug of beer. At about 10pm, he sms me and tell me he still nua in bed and won't join me for dinner. At least, when I flew/attempt to fly him plane, it was not with a frivolous reason like being too nua. So I ordered another jug of beer. Cost me $55 total...

And I havn't bought Sacrifice, book 7 of the Legacy of The Force series which I am following. I planned to buy it today but forgot.

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