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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Continued from Arrival

18th May 2007

[IMAGE: Chom View Beach Resort]
Chom View Beach Resort

We touched down in Bangkok the previous day and had taken a chartered van to Chom View Beach Resort here in Hua Hin. By the time we settled down, it's already midnight. We tried to explore the area, but there's nothing at all.

Hua Hin beach
The next morning, we make our way to the beach. I am thinking of doing some tanning and maybe swim a bit. Does the beach look beautiful? But do you see anything wrong with the picture? There's nobody there.

[IMAGE: Giant Golden Buddha Statue]
Giant Golden Buddha Statue

Somewhere in the distance, we see a giant golden buddha statue. And along the way there are some nice houses by the beach. That's about all we found. And 1 thai lady giving massage service. Business must be bad.

[IMAGE: Resort pool]
Resort pool

We make our way back to the hotel, and Alex say that he'll swim some laps in the pool. The rest of us is not really keen on this, so we take a walk around the area again. It's as boring as the walk the previous night.

[IMAGE: Constructions]

There are a number of constructions there. However, they look more like they are abandoned than they under development.

[IMAGE: Condo]

Behind this board is stilts on swarm.

After Alex finished his swim, we checked out and went to Hua Hin City. An reaching there, we walked around looking for a place to have our lunch. I would prefer local food to fast food restaurants. After walking around, we find a number of restuarants that we have in Singapore, and no local restaurants. So we settled on this

Unfortunately, after lunch, we had a walk around and found the local restaurants that we were looking for.

[IMAGE: Sightseeing]

We see s amemorial statue and a picture of the King holding a camera.

[IMAGE: Fire engine]
Fire engine

We passed by the fire station. There are a number of fire engines in there, but this particular fire engine parked outside caught my eye.

[IMAGE: Railway station]
Railway station

This is the historical railway station that is still in operation.

[IMAGE: Railway track]
Railway track

This is the track obviously.

[IMAGE: Rent-a-autobike]

We then rent 2 autobike to travel around the place. Bel can't ride even if her life depends on it.

[IMAGE: Cloud]

Cloud is not keen as well. But he did tried it once. And buang. Got 2 big souvenirs on the left elbow and 3 small 1s on the left knee. After that, he add a no seafood clause to this trip. And that's on top of the no hot stuff and no roadside stall clauses.

[IMAGE: No gasoline]
No gasoline

I had barely got used to riding the bike when it runs out of gasoline.

[IMAGE: Map]

The green dot at the bottom is the place where I ran out of gasoline. It's right in front of the lunch place. I asked around on where can I get the gasoline. I was instructed to turn right and travel for a bit and I'll see it. Alex took me as pillion and went to look for the gasoline. We went until Dechanuchit Road and still did not find the gasoline shop. I asked another guy for instructions. This time, he told me to Naebkeharst Road and then turn make a left turn to Petch Kasem Road and make a right turn and I'll see the petrol kiosk on my right. Again, we overshot. Luckily we were able to find the road to turn to when we turn back.

[IMAGE: Refill Gasoline]
Refill Gasoline

We got the gasoline and make our way back via the same way.

Later, I learned that the reason that Alex chosed the orange bike is because he sees the fuel level for hte blue bike is quite low so he let me have it. While I am alright with getting stuck with the problematic bike, I felt that his reasoning a bit flawed. If he sees the fuel level too low, he should have tried to get another bike with slightly more fuel. There were a lot of other bikes there. When my bike runs low on gasoline, he still has to bring me around hunting for it. Not much good it did for him to have a bike with sufficient fuel.

[IMAGE: Terrace by the sea]
Terrace by the sea

After the gasoline issue is solved, we continue exploring Hua Hin City. We went to the terrace by the sea on the map and find a temple there.

[IMAGE: Hua Hin City in Paronama View]
Hua Hin City in Paronama View

Then we went to see Hua Hin City in Paronama View. It's just a jetty.

[IMAGE: Naval ship and marines]
Naval ship and marines

There's even a naval ship docked, complete with marines.

AFter this we got nowhere else to go, so we return the bikes and went back to hotel to wait for our transport to go back Bangkok.

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