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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Few years ago, my army friend, Andrew, proposed to his girlfriend and she agreed. They went about preparing for the wedding. They got their flat, bought the wedding rings, booked the restaurants, etc.

Unfortunately, during this time, Andrew met another girl. Very soon, this girl is giving Andrew 2nd thoughts about his upcoming wedding. In the end, he called it off and broke up with his bride-to-be to be with this new girl.

1 year after being with the girl, he realise he still loves his ex-almost-to-be-wife-girlfriend. He looked her up again. She was hurt badly by his rejection, but she still find it within herself to accept him again. Even her parents are acceptive of him as a son-in-law again. Now he was torn between the 2 girls.

Recently, I received a wedding invitation from Andrew. The 1st question I ask is of course, which girl? He told me it's the original girl. After 1 big round, they are getting married again. I hope he won't fly her aeroplane again. Anyway, I believe that after all that happen, he should be more sure of his feelings to the girl this time. It might really be happily ever after for them...

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