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Sunday, May 06, 2007

I wanted to go East Coast skating today. I got Alex who's ok with it. We thought we can have black pepper crab for dinner, but it's better to find more people so that easier to order other items.

Bel is supposed to be meeting her friends for dinner. So we suggest she and her friends join us for dinner. She's ok with it, and went to ask her friends. This is where it starts getting stupid. She can't contact her friend who lives in Pasir Ris. Bel say she called her twice and sent her an SMS but she did not reply. I told her to call every 5 minutes, but she say it's not a life and death matter, so shouldn't call so many times. But every minute we waited, means it's getting nearer to sunset, and less time to skate. They are supposed to meet at 6pm. So I probably have to wait till 6pm then will know if they joining us, and there goes my skating.

I thought we can go ahead to skate, and Bel and co come join us later, but they are not willing to make the trip to East Coast if Alex didn't go pick them up. I wanted to forget about them and just go skating, Alex tell me he's busy and ask me to go alone.

So no skating for me. I am so pissed off that I considered not going for the dinner as well. But well, I am a nice person. So I rant here and that's it.

This is getting better. 1 of Bel's friend need to be back by 9+pm. We don't want to go back so early, so her friend will have to make her own way back. I can understand if her friend thinks it's too far and don't want to go. But Bel refused to even ask her friend if she's willing to go home herself. She say that they are supposed to meet at AMK. If she is to ask them to change to East Coast, she has to make sure that we go fetch them at AMK, and the fetch them back after that. What's so bad about ASKING them if they are willing to travel on their own? Anyway, they are not joining us after all. Waste of time waiting for them. And I don't get to skate.

update 2:
End up, I really canceled the whole thing because I forgot that today is the date that I am supposed to go watch Phantom of The Opera...

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