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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I went out for lunch with a friend just now. As he drives, he come pick me up at my place and we go to Bukit Timah for lunch. He parked at Courts, which is free parking for their shoppers. Anyway, we parked there, and went to the restaurants nearby for lunch. :P

After lunch, we did go inside Courts to take a look at things for a short while before going home. As my friend attempts to get out of the parking lot, I saw that he is driving dangerously to the car in front. I tried to warn him, but he bumps into the car soon after that. And he blame me for not warning him. When I say that I did, he say that I say it too softly. I should have shouted. But well, things is happening too fast for my to react properly... And he say that he asked me if the left side is ok, and I kept quiet. Well, I never heard him. Maybe that's why I kept quiet... Grr.

And the best part? When he knew that he bumps into the other car, he quickly drives away before inspecting his car.

And sometime back, I went with this friend and a group of friends to a resort. I brought whiskey and we drank with the owner. He was nice to provide us with free Coke to go with the whiskey. We didn't finish the Coke. Left 1 can. The next morning, my female friend bring that can of Coke to another owner(the owner who gave us the Coke is drunk and asleep) and asked to exchange for a chilled can. This friend who drives say to me that the girl buay swee. People give free can, and if we cannot finish, we should return. Not nice to bring back and ask for exchange. Talk about double standards. But then, the cost of Coke and cost of repairing a scratched car is very very different...

Note: This friend is my good friend and I am not trying to make fun of/reproach/ridicule him, though I do indeed find this incident amusing, and hence decided to record it down.

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