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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I saw this sms on my phone when I wake up this morning.

This is whiner, alice's boyfriend. Got a msg for you. You have come in btw me and alice. Happens many times liao. be it today, the kelong trip n upcoming bangkok trip.
I personally think tat you are not sensitive enough, can accept u n her as friends but nt close friends.
You can call me at XXXXXXXX to clarify, since you like to always go out with her.

Wow. This is so childish. Other than the name change and phone number, the above message is accurate to the last spelling and capitalization. Anyway, since most of you people reading this knows me personally, it's not too hard to guess who the involved personals are.

I was looking for dinner kaki last evening when I saw Alice online and asked her. So we met somewhere in town, a food court for dinner. Towards the end of the dinner, Whiner called and say he's at neighbourhood and want to meet up with her. I don't understand why he do this. If he's so concerned about me meeting her, he should come and join us and not go wait at her place.

This reminds me of another incident some time back. I was having dinner with Alice and midway thru, he called her and say that he's waiting for her inside the mrt station and wants her to go meet him immediately. This is so stupid. What's so difficult about coming out of the mrt, come to join us and wait for her to finish her meal then go on with their plans? Luckily we were finishing.

I replied to him something like if something were to happen btwn me and Alice, it would have happened ages ago. It never happen and nevel will. I am not interested in her as a gf at all and that he has nothing to fear from me. And that the kelong trip he mentioned, we went in a group of 9 and for the Bangkok trip, it's a group of 6. He's welcomed to join us. He only need to buy an air ticket and we have not book the hotels yet and it's easy to add him in.

I don't know what he mean by ok with us being friends and not close friends. Since they had been together, which is more than 1 year, I've only go out with her alone less than 5 times. And they are all short after work dinner. And it's when he's not available for her. Does that count as close friends? Then is it we can only talk to each other via msn??

I don't know. It seems so absurb to receive this kind of message. Am I not being sensitive enough or he's just a low-self-esteem-jerk?

Course of Action
I told her that I think her bf not happy with us meeting. I say that already 2 times that she has to leave early while having dinner with me cos of him. Must be he not happy. She better assure him properly else next time she may have alotta problems. I don't mind she has to leave early, but if he start doing that to other friends how? Sooner or later no more friends.

I've no plan to say about the sms yet cos I don't know if she would be angry and then quarrel with the whiner. Then the whiner would accuse me of trying to break them up. Haha! Actually I am not too worried about what the whiner is going to accuse me of. I don't know him well anyway. I just don't want to my friend to do handle the situation in a calm way. Quarrel is always not a good way to solve problems.

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Anonymous BrudderLuv said...

Keep quiet also not solving it. nothing like a good quarrel to air all grievances. Not all quarrels end up bad.

4/18/2007 7:51 PM  
Blogger StupidGenius said...

Didn't keep quiet mah. I told her about her bf attitude mah.

4/18/2007 7:59 PM  
Anonymous humsup said...

juz tell whinner
"yap im interested in her. Wat can u do?? She and me going to "enjoy" ourselves in the upcoming Bangkok trip. keke....yum yum"

6/02/2007 10:38 AM  

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