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Friday, April 06, 2007

Hot Boys Kelong

Last year, I went to Hoy Boys Kelong with Jerry and Co for a short stay. This year I thought of going to another 1. Unfortunately, the others are quite expensive, and the only other cheaper option need us to commit 12 person. I've only got 9. So I chosed Hot Boys again in the end.

The trip starts with plenty of cock ups. I am such a lousy organiser. It starts with me setting the wrong date for my alarm. We were supposed to meet at Jurong East MRT at 6:30am. We are supposed to take the van to Kranji MRT to meet up with the rest at 6:45am. Sharon actually sms me at 6am to ask me if I woke up. I didn't hear it of course. When she called me at 6:30am to ask me where am I and the license plate of our transport, that's when I woke up. I quickly wash up and took my stuff and set off.

Knowing I am late, I tried to flag for a cab. But there's no cab in sight. so I sms to Sharon and told her to take the transport to Kranji MRT to meet the rest first. I'll meet them there. Luckily I did that. Sharon was quite angry at my lateness and wanted to go home if I did not show up within 5 minutes.

The 2nd cock up is Floria got the wrong time and thought she's supposed to be at Kranji MRT at 6:30am. She and Raymond reached there at 6am for breakfast.

We were originally supposed to go to the kelong on the 7th and come back on the 8th. But Sharon says that since the 6th is Good Friday, we should go on the 6th and come back on the 7th, so that we can have a rest on Sunday. I asked the rest for their opinion, and when they are alright with it, I changed the date to 6th. Somehow, Daniel didn't get the message and thought we are going on the 7th. Luckily Sharon called him. He quickly cancelled his appointments for the day and rushed to Kranji MRT to meet us.

The 4th cock up is that I forgot my passport!! Luckily my dad is home, and I have to trouble him to bring me my passport.

ferry ride
All these cockups causes us to reach the custom pretty late. And by the time we clear the custom, it's about 10am, we reach the jetty at almost 12pm, and we reach the kelong at 1pm. The above picture is missing Floria and Raymond as they chosed to sit on the bottom level of the ferry while we took the 2nd level.

It's lunch immediately when we arrive. I realise they had added more beds to the kelong. It causes the kelong to look crowded. It was already not very big to begin with although of the 4 kelongs in the area, they are the 2nd biggest. I also later found out that they had full house for the day at 140+ guests. All 4 kelongs had full house that day.

After lunch, we have a short mahjong session. I lost $1. Then it's island hopping. There used to be a nice resort on the island. The above pic is what I took last year. This year, the grass is nowhere as green. The houses were also quite run down.

The worst is the beach. It's full of litter. It's impossible to play beach soccer this time. At least the sea is still nice. The waves are quite strong and I had a fun time playing with the waves.

Kelong trip
After the island hopping is another mahjong session. I was winning nicely when we broke for dinner. When we resume after dinner, I started losing. In the end, I managed to win $2. KTV started while we were playing mahjong. After mahjong, I wanted to sing, but time's up and another group had the KTV room booked.

Raymond, Floria and Daniel tried their hand at fishing. Raymond say there's more fishes in this kelong than the last 1 that he went to. He bought small hooks for smaller fishes, and Daniel got bigger hooks.

1 of the operators of the kelong, Andy, was showing us how to fish. He caught 3 big fishes with Daniel's rod in 10 minutes. Raymond was so impressed that he brought the bigger hooks as well. But he is not able to catch any fishes with it. :P

I had ordered seafood BBQ supper for everyone. Cost me RM$25 per head. This time there's a nice cock up. They ordered food for 29 though we are the only ones to order BBQ for that night. I think the other 20 ordered BBQ for the next night. Anyway, there's so much food. We had some Chivas and Macallan as well. Andy generously provided us with free coke for the night. We actually brought 2 bottles of coke, but we finished it. I wanted to take Macallan on the rocks, but they don't have edible ice. so I had to make do with chilled coke.

The next morning, I woke up early and tried fishing. I couldn't catch any as well. But when I look around, I realise the other experts didn't catch any as well. So I guess, the fishes were smarter at this time so I gave up. Played some mahjong and lost $4. So in total, I lost $3 for the mahjong sessions. After that, Ming offered us the use of the KTV. I managed to sing a couple of songs this time and it's back home.

We took a ferry back to the jetty where we have a jet waiting to bring us back.

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