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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

StupidGenius: actually go back rt is not bad. u must be crazy, y??

StupidGenius: for us, employed pp, we get to leave work early
StupidGenius: for us, lazy pp, we r forced to train, which is gd for fitness
StupidGenius: and lastly, u get to network wif the other rt personels.

tanyokemeng: why dun u train yrself like jog at least once a week

StupidGenius: look at this, if u ownself train, u wake up early go jog. or u after work go jog. now u get to leave work early go jog. same.

tanyokemeng: i take it i am doing for own health, tat can be a big motivation

StupidGenius: actually the networking part is quite gd. for u, u can make sales even. tat time, got some1 offer to buy me a pair of saf running shoes cos he nvr use his credits anyway, and i finished mine.

tanyokemeng: u win
tanyokemeng: i am taking my ippt later. sian

StupidGenius: gd luck then.

tanyokemeng: thx man, hope to clear it get it off my mind, quite a hassle for us working people

StupidGenius: for u ya. cos ur pay is directly proportionate to the hours u work.
StupidGenius: for employed pp like me, i dun find it much of a hassle.
StupidGenius: and we are paid $10+ for each session. so 8 sessions is the almost like pass with incentive liao.

tanyokemeng: still siong leh

StupidGenius: no wat. if we dun go for rt, we go for ownself training. siongness is same.

tanyokemeng: oursself train the pace is more self-determined. slowly push ourself bit by bit

StupidGenius: u ownself train, pass, get money.
u no train, fail, forced to train, get money.

tanyokemeng: hahaha

StupidGenius: and best is tat, when forced to train, u take the test and pass. so cleared for tat yr as well.
StupidGenius: so u train 1 time, and clear for 2 yrs.

tanyokemeng: huh? wat 2 years?

StupidGenius: yr 1: no train. fail.
yr 2: rt, pass.

so in in 2 yrs, u train 1 time, but clear for both.

tanyokemeng: wah liew like tat one ah

StupidGenius: provided u pass during the rt.

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