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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I sent my phone for repairs recently. On reaching the service center, I thought I've stepped into a time-sharing presentation. There were a number of reps sitting around the reception area. When I tell the receptionist I had problems with my phone, they told me to fill my particulars in a form and wait for someone to serve me. A lady then came along and bring me to a meeting room to talk. I almost want to ask her am I in a time-sharing presentation. Anyway, I described my problems to her and she wrote it down and keep my phone and tell me that they'll contact me in 3-5 days about my phone. She also say that I HAVE to bring along my receipt to proof that I purchased it within 1 year so that I will not be charged for servicing. I asked her can't she check it thru other means? My experience with a previous brand tells me it's possible. She said no. Today, when I go collect my phone, I forgot my receipt. The guy then say he'll check the time that my set is sent to the reseller. So I don't have to bring the receipt after all...

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