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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Since Bel's birthday is 2 weeks after mine, we decided to celebrate them together on the week in between the 2 birthdays.

I had a soccer session with Thierry and friends in the morning. After that I went to Bel's place to wash up and wait for the rest.

We had dinner at a restaurant somewhere in Ang Mo Kio that Bel wanted to eat at. We walked 20 minutes to the place. We made a reservation for 7pm. They gave our table to another group at 5+pm. We reached there at 7:05pm. The other group had not finished. There were other empty tables. They gave those tables to other group that arrived and insists that we have to wait for that group to finish eating. We left and ate at another nearby table. All the walk for nothing. After dinner, nobody felt like the 30 minutes walk back to Bel's place and we split into 3 cabs.


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