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Monday, June 11, 2007

Continued from Hua Hin

18th May 2007

This article took very long. This is because I need to use a lot of pictures taken from Bel's camera. The problem with her pictures is that she likes to put the date in the picture when she took it. Long time ago, when we were still using film camera, I like to have the date imprinted in the picture. This is so that we can know when the picture is taken. But when it comes to digital camera, the picture creation date is part of the file. We don't need to have it imprinted anymore. In fact, it looks ugly. And it will block some of the details. I have to painstakingly remove the dates of each pictures. Stupid camera manufacturers who put this stupid features in digital phones.

Tawandeng Entrance
Right after we reach Bangkok and checked into the hotel, we head to Tawandeng for our dinner. As luck would have it, Andy, who's in Bangkok on work, is also in Tawandeng with his colleagues, and we can meet up there. When we got there, there's a long queue. Fortunately for us, 4 of Andy's colleagues just left and we can go take over their seats. And what good seats they are. The 2nd table from the stage in the center. I've been to Tawandeng a lot of times. I've never sit at the area directly in front of the stage, not even those nearer the rear. This time, not only is it in that area, it's the 2nd table from the front! Wow! Apparently, Andy's colleague is a regular in Tawandeng, and he made the reservation for them even though he did not come.

[IMAGE: Dinner]

I love the dinner. Unfortunately, the rest of them don't like to eat pork knuckle and I ate most of it. Cloud is also apprehensive of drinking the Tom Yam soup.

[IMAGE: Tawandeng Beer]
Tawandeng Beer

This beer is ordered by Andy and his colleagues. They did not finish it and they did not pay. So we paid. It's worth it for the front seats though.

[IMAGE: Me and Wee]
Me and Wee

This is Wee. I think she has grown prettier since I last saw her. :P

[IMAGE: Big]

Three are a few performers on the night. They took turns to perform. This performance needs special mention because he came up stage with a tight pants and a big bulge and with lots of thrusting movements. I have no interest in the bulge of course, but I think it's funny. I doubt that it's real though.

[IMAGE: Tawandeng]

Overall, the performance on the stage is very nice. At 12midnight, they sang birthday songs to those whose birthday is near. There will be a few staff holding a cake, helping celebrate their birthdays. I realise the table next to has the most staff standing by. More than double of the other tables. It was because 1 of the guys there is the big boss and he's giving money to whoever can grab. He has a big stack of 100B to distribute. I am quite tempted to grab 1 for myself. And this guy took a liking to Wee and hit on her aggressively. He keep talking to her, asked her to the front to dance and even wanted to send her home. When we leave Tawandeng, he walks us to the main road and waited until we board the taxi.

[IMAGE: Hotel room door]
Hotel room door

We stayed at Bangkok City Suite. The same hotel I stayed in the last few times I went Bangkok. This time I noticed quite a number of changes. The door is different. The rooms feels bigger and there's a bathtub in the bathroom. It was only 700B per room per night, with free wifi. However, the room was smaller, there's no bath tub, and the breakfast sucks. The breakfast still sucks, but now it feels like a normal Thai hotel room.

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