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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Recently, I have been involved in a number of aeroplane-flying incident, both the receiving and giving out ends. I am not a pilot of course, I am talking about backing out of appointments at the last minute.

  1. Senario 1:

    I asked my friend, A, out for dinner later in the day. After having A make all the arrangements, like reserving a table and asking other friends, I discovered that I already had an appointment. I had arranged with B and GF to watch Phantom of the Opera. We bought the most expensive tickets and I forgot the date. I only realize it when B called me to confirm the meeting time. So I fly the A aeroplane.
  2. Scenario 2:

    A asked me to watch Spiderman 3 with him some time back and I agreed. Few days later, D called me to say that he has a free ticket for Spiderman 3 and invite me to watch with him and his wife. I decided to fly A aeroplane, but A is not too happy about it, so I have to plead with D to help get 1 more ticket. The free tickets are given free from his company. He has the ticket for me because his colleague can't make it. So D have to go around asking for tickets. He offer me a free ticket, and yet I have to make him look for 1 more.
  3. Scenario 3:

    I am supposed to meet A for a late dinner. At about 10. I finished my stuff at 8:30pm, so I went for a beer to waste the time away. I received an sms from A to say that he feeling nua, and want to stay home. The next day, we were supposed to meet for a movie, and he offered to pay for my ticket. I don't care for that anyway, but if it makes him feel better, and it benefits me after all.
  4. Scenario 4:

    F asked me to take part in some event organized by SBS. There's an entry fee of $15 per team of up to 4 person. I agreed. However, I later realized I am supposed to go Batam that weekend. So I asked F to check if they allow replacements. If they don't, then I'll pay for the entry fee. Luckily they allowed. But if F can't find the replacement, I guess I'll still offer to pay.

I really fly a lot of aeroplanes recently. I thought all of them are quite valid reasons. While I didn't compensate them, I tried to make sure that they do not suffer any monetary lost. canceling a reservation is only inconvenience, no moeny lost there. $15 entry fee is a lost.

But of course, my standards are not everybody's standards. Everybody's definition of reasonable reasons to put aeroplane is different. Some people cannot give their blessings to their friend have the benefit of a free ticket, and yet is ok with being nua as a reason for aeroplane. A told me that he'll not accept the free ticket if he's in my shoes. So the next time if I want to fly him aeroplane, I'll have to buy him a movie ticket then.

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Blogger AlexToh said...

Next time pls use Fake Names cos this is too confusing.

who the hell is C tat u put plane also?

And y is A treating u free movie & saying u should not accept it...

To me put plane is put plane. U put plane to other pple with the same reason.

which is planning an activity when u alreadi have 1 already planned.

In short u r under utilising ur PDA. :)

And for the free moive A provided is an apology for putting plane, u dun have to buy free ticket back if u put plane la. It A's way of being responsible in a way for putting plane.

So confusing...:P

6/08/2007 4:03 AM  
Blogger StupidGenius said...

oops. C is a typo. shld be A.

Put plane is put plane is wrong. It's just that sometimes the reason behind it is easier to swallow than others. For me, if someone made a mistake, and make an appointment with me at a time that he's not available, I am ok with it because, borrowing the gahmen's words, it's an honest mistake.

Providing free movie as an apology is laudable. But I won't really say it's being responsible. If responsible won't fly aeroplane for being nua liao. What I meant was that you have set a standard that it's ok to put u aeroplane with frivolous reasons if later buy u movie/dinner.

6/09/2007 10:27 AM  

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