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Thursday, June 07, 2007

I've been going to MacRitchie Reservoir every Wednesday evening for a walk/jog with my colleagues. The route we took is the purple route. It is similar to the route we took during the cross country run during school times long time ago. Except that, instead of turning left after the jungle track onto the road, we either turn right onto the reservoir bank, or turn back the way we come. The reservoir bank path will be much longer, but it's flat. I estimate the reservoir bank path to be more than 4km, probably close to the 4.8km distance of the cross country run.

As I mentioned above, the first part of the run is jungle track. It's full of up slopes and down slopes. I love down slopes, hence I don't mind the up slopes. Much. Anyway, I've always not able to complete the jungle track without slowing down to walking. Somehow, my calf muscles always feel like lead midway through the jungle track.

2 weeks ago, as usual, i was jogging/walking on the jungle track. towards the end, I receive a phone call and I walked the whole of the last stretch. I finished the call just as I reached the end of the jungle track, and I proceed to jog on the reservoir bank path. Somehow, it's the first time I jogged there. I was surprised to find that I can finish the whole path jogging, despite having jogged a certain distance already. That's when I realize the strain of the up slopes on my calf muscles.

And surprisingly, this week, I managed to finish jogging through the whole jungle track. I took the reservoir bank path again this time. I took a walk 2 times to talk to my colleagues. It's only for a short distance, but I caught a few breath during that time. Overall, I feel pleased with the improvements I made this time.

On the downside, having played badminton the previous day as well, my leg muscles are aching the next day. And I have a soccer session at the end of it. Talk about stressing my muscles...

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