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Saturday, May 26, 2007

17th May 2007

As usual, it's cockups before we even reach Bangkok. Alex told me the flight is at 6pm, and told me to meet at Bouna Vista MRT at 4pm. At 3:45pm, he sms me again to tell me changed to 4:15pm. At 4:05pm, as I was walking along the way, I called him to check how far is he from Bouna Vista MRT. He's still home. The MRT journey alone will take him 15 minutes at least, and he does not live inside the MRT station.

As I was resigning myself to some wait in the MRT station, I decided to call him again and see if he's still at home. If he is, I want to ask him to bring me a DVD to watch on the plane. He was already downstairs. He forgot to bring socks and was contemplating whether to go back to take. So I provided him with a convenient excuse to be even later.

That is not the only cock up. We were supposed to switch train at Tanah Merah MRT station and I forgot about it. When we past Tanah Merah, Alex asked me if we should change train anywhere, I told him yes. And we continue happily sitting on the train until we reach Tampines. Thats when I realize we overshot our station. So we take the opposite train back, and then switch the train, and managed to reach the airport when everyone has boarded. Bel and Cloud were already there for some time when we reached. We hurriedly check in and board the plane.

[IMAGE: Bangkok New Airport]
Bangkok New Airport

The Bangkok new airport is very big. And looks much nicer than the old 1. There are also more food stalls. There's only 1 stall in the old airport and the food tastes bad. The new airport have much more restaurants, and they look like their food taste decent. Bel and Cloud bought something, they didn't complain. :P

[IMAGE: Married Statue]
Married Statue

There's this statue greeting us right after we left the plane, on the way to clear our custom. I don't know what the statue is of, but we get to see similar statues everywhere in Bangkok. 1 thing I am quite sure of is that it's married. He's wearing a ring on the wedding ring finger.

[IMAGE: Airport Exit]
Airport Exit

Instead of automatic sliding doors or air curtains, they use revolving doors as the exit. However, they have normal glass doors to the side of the revolving doors. And it's opened most of the time. No 1 uses the revolving door, and so much for saving the air-con as well.

[IMAGE: Car park]
Car park

They have a gigantic car park. This picture above is just half of it. Ball told me he don't like this car park as the entrance is quite misleading and he missed it most of the time.

[IMAGE: Van to Hua Hin]
Van to Hua Hin

We booked 4 seater to take us to Hua Hin, and they sent us a 6 seater. :P The driver is a nice guy and he say he can bring us to a nice and cheap shop for dinner.

[IMAGE: 1st dinner]
1st dinner

This is where he brings us. It's really cheap. Cost us only 270B for 5 of us, including the driver. And it tastes nice too.

We reached Chom View, our resort in Hua Hin, at close to 11am. Took us about 4 hours.

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