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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I went for this course back on June 11 and 12 this year. I was supposed to go for another course in July that I don't know about until my manager called me 1 week before and ask me to swap with my colleague, TS, as he was busy with a project and can't go for this course. I agreed, and then totally forgot about it.

On June 11th, I reached office slightly earlier than usual. On seeing me, TS asked, "I thought you are on course today?". So I hurriedly grab my things and took a cab down. I am 1 hour late, but they had barely started.

Overall, I thought this is an interesting course. The instructor is quite good. But on a closer look, I thought what he said are common sense. He stresses the importance of teamwork and how we should function in a team.

There were a number of games and puzzles to be played. And also a number of flipcharts to be drawn. You can see some of the flip charts of another team in the picture above.

[IMAGE: Balancing nails]
Balancing nails

1 of the puzzles we have to solve is to balance 12 nails on the head of 1 nail. My team isn't the 1st team to be able to do it. We aren't the 2nd either... There were 4 teams total. Anyway, this is a nice puzzle. You should try it some time.

[IMAGE: Team mates]
Team mates

The 4 person seated are me and my teams mates. The standing thin guy on the right is the instructor. The other is a photo whore from another team. :P

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