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Friday, June 29, 2007

I've not been to Wala Wala for a long time. So this time, I got Eric, Alex, Wanda, Felyn and her friends to go there. THe UnXpected is still very nice!!

Goodwood park came to our office to make some promotion and Felyn and Alex asked me to buy some for them. As it need to be refrigerated, I asked the Wala Wala staff to keep them for me. When Felyn left, she took her 2 boxes with her, leaving 1 box for Alex in the fridge.

Unfortunately, we forgot about the box until Alex had dropped me off. I quickly called him to remind him about this. End up he say it's very troublesome for him to DRIVE back to collect and ask me to WALK back to take it. So I end up with a 20 minutes walk and a extra box of durian puff that I do not need.

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