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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cutting the cake
Pouring the champagne

This is another back dated post. Harry and Lup Wai had their wedding at Rasa Sentosa. I always thought that the view at the Sentosa beach is quite bad as it's full of ships and tankers. However, the view from the dinner ball room is quite nice. Thats because the sea is blocked by tree leaves. :P

[IMAGE: Free gift]
Free gift
The dinner went on as normal, after which, we proceed to their hotel room for some fun. :P The frog above is a free gift from the hotel to the couple. Looks like an ugly mascot for the hotel I thought.

[IMAGE: View from the room]
View from the room
This is the view from the hotel room. It's quite nice, if you do not try to look too far ahead.

[IMAGE: Alcohol for the little girl]
Alcohol for the little girl
Harry tried to entice the little girl to drink his beer. :P

[IMAGE: Start drinking]
Start drinking
And Darius started doing his stuff. To get Harry drunk.

[IMAGE: Cheers]

[IMAGE: It's mine!]
It's mine!
In true drunkard fashion, you shall not separate him from his beer!

[IMAGE: Gone]
Finally, he's gone...

[IMAGE: Stripped]
After much coaxing from Darius and co, finally Lup Wai managed to strip Harry to his birthday suit. His brother suggested that we have a competition to guess the color of his underwear. Guess who won? His mum. Talk about insider trading.

[IMAGE: Belles]
1 last picture with the belles before the left.

[IMAGE: Brothers]
And the brothers.

And lastly, for the both of you, we wish you 2 早生贵子!!

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