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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just found out from my boss that I kena stabbed.

There's this idiot in my office. He's in the company Recreation committee. 1 day, he go and tell the big boss that he is too busy to be in the committee and say that I should replace him since I so zobo.

I've always don't like him, though I thought I never showed it. This makes me dislike him even more. And that's an understatement. It's so low. He don't want to be in committee work, instead of asking me nicely, go and get the big boss to force me, and push a knife in my back while at it.

I don't mind to be in the committee. I've done it in a previous job. I've helped organize some other events in this company. I just don't like to take over from him for this. Especially after he stabbed me like this.


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