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Monday, July 02, 2007

Andrew and Deborah
This is another long delayed post. Andrew and Deborah got married on 10th June 2007. My first words to him when I see him in the wedding is, "It's so good to see you!". Haha! He ignored me. :P Anyway, it's a joyous occasion and I think Andrew enjoyed himself.

[IMAGE: The Hall]
The Hall

The wedding is held at The Regent Singapore. It's at Tanglin Road. It's the first time I've been there, but I thought it's a nice place.

I Do

The most important moment. The saying of "I Do".

[IMAGE: Champagne Pouring]
Champagne Pouring

Like most chinese wedding dinner in Singapore, they have the champagne pouring. I always like this segment of the wedding dinner program, but it would be better if I get to drink the champagne. :P

[IMAGE: Cross hand toast]
Cross hand toast

After the champagne pouring, it's the cross hand toast of course. And after that the yam sheng toasts. I always find it funny if a wedding dinner is without it, but christians do not like it. They seem to associate this to religion. But I thought this isn't religion, it's culture. Oh well. Andrew has it, so I shan't say more about this. :P

[IMAGE: Table photo]
Table photo

After Yam Sheng, will be the table pictures. Deborah was asking for me and said she has heard a lot about me. I wonder if it's good or bad. Anyway, we had 2 games lined up for him. For most bridges groom, they will avoid this by saying they are rushing for photo taking and will come back later. But after the photo taking, it's the end of the dinner and they are busy saying goodbyes to the guests. So you'll have a long wait. Andrew is different. He really come back after photo taking. The 1st game is drinking of 7 kinds of drink. We prepared 7 glasses of different drinks. There are mild items like coke, chinese tea and other soft drinks. There is also beer and XO. Surprisingly, Deborah drank most of it. This lady sure can hold her liquor!

[IMAGE: 2nd game]
2nd game

The 2nd game is something that I thought is very suitable for weddings and I always suggest this game if the table is up to it. We keep a few chicken parts when the chicken dish is served. We covered them with bowls and ask the groom to pick 1. Which ever part he chosed, he'll have to kiss the relevant part on the bride. Andrew picked the wing, and we say that he'll have to kiss the armpit. But we changed it to the chicken breast for him. :P And it's not just kiss. He'll have to continue kissing until we cheers finish.

[IMAGE: Group picture]
Group picture

After our games, another table called hiim away. After that, he's drunk. Luckily, we were still able to take group picture.

[IMAGE: Group picture 2]
Group picture 2

This group isn't so lucky.

[IMAGE: Andrew and I]
Andrew and I

Seeing the condition of Andrew, I decide to help them help Andrew back to his room. End up, I am 1 of the latest to go back. Luckily my bus runs till quite late.

[IMAGE: Group picture 3]
Group picture 3

I don't really know the couple on the left. I've never seen them before. I am just helping them take a picture, but Andrew for some drunken reason, insists that I joined them. :P

[IMAGE: Bridal car]
Bridal car

4D anyone?

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