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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The naive me used to think that having a car is convenient. You can go where you want, when you want. And if you bought a nice car, it can be used to show off as well.

Now it seems like I am wrong. You have to face 3 Pees and a Tee. if you own a car. Petrol, parking, erP and Traffic.

The least of the pees is ERP. You just need to know where they are and what time are they charging, and avoid it. And that means influencing your friends to either change the location they are meeting or make them meet later.

The problem of petrol comes in 2 forms. Cost and harm to the environment. Petrol is not cheap. If you live in Jurong and you want to go Tampines to try the famous Ding Tai Feng, it gonna cost you at least $20 I think. Add to it the fact that Earth's supply of oil is dwindling, it makes sense to be economical in our usage of petrol.

The problem of parking is also in 2 forms. Cost and availability. Basically, you need to know where can you get the cheapest parking and at what time is the cheapest rate available. And then, like the problem of ERP, influence your friends to meet near your desired car park at your desired time.

There's only 1 main thing bad about traffic. Waste of time. It's very frustrating to be stuck in a traffic jam, watching the minutes tick by, not able to do much. So it makes sense to avoid high traffic area during peak periods. This is somewhat related to ERP as where there's ERP gantry, the traffic for the roads inside will be quite bad during peak periods.

So going to where you want, when you want it is more like a myth.

And no, I don't own a car. So the above article is probably crap. :P

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Anonymous Cindy said...

When you can leave aside SGD $1.5k to $2k per month for car expenses, (whatever they may be), and able to leave a gd and luxury enough life, you will be able to afford all these la. All these small things will all be small costs to you. Or so, they should be...

So meaning. You should be earning about $6k onwards, before considering anything.

And no, I don't mean getting a car based on 10 year loan. You are only making yourself poorer by getting that. I meant a typical 15 to 20% deposit and 7 yr loan.

8/16/2007 12:26 AM  

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