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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Just on Saturday, after my bike 3rd 4.02 lesson that it's my first time witnessing a bwang in the E-brake section. I thought it's easy, and everybody had no problem with it.

Today, during my 4th 4.02 lesson, I bwang in E-brake. Twice. ARRGGHH!!

The first time is I was on the left lane and I found myself moving too close to the left side and I tried to adjust my bike back to center and then I reach the braking line. I jammed the brakes immediately, but my bike is not straight. Hence I bwang on the left side. No danger there, except for the instructor who came to help me. He was standing on the right side, and another bike was charging towards him. He moved away in time of course.

The second time is quite exciting. I think it's due me grabbing the front brake too tightly that I moved my handle bar a bit. I was on the left lane and I fell on the right side. Immediately I heard a scream. I knew a bike is coming on the other lane and I am in the way.I tried to move out of the way, unfortunately, the instructor who tried to help me is in the way. I can feel the bike hitting me at the back of my right shoulder and I quickly move in the direction the bike is moving. Luckily the speed of the bike is slow, and it's slowing, and I am able to take away most of the impact and I am not hurt at all. The lady on the bike is not hurt as well except that she's shaken by the experience. After we moved my bike away, 1 of the instructors saw a hole on my pants. Gasps! I had only 2 work pants, now I only have 1.

I went for another try at E-brake again. As I was waiting, I felt a phobia creeping up. What if I bwang again. Luckily, this time all goes well. And the instructor passed me. Partly I guess due to my good performance in the other sections, also partly due to my being able to execute it nicely at the end and at my 1st try.

* Note to the girl on the bike on the other lane when I bwang: I don't think you'll be reading this. After all, how many people read this blog? But if really you do, I want to say thanks. It's your scream and your calm reaction that saved me from some injury. If I didn't hear you, I won't be able to act in time. If you had panic and bwang like me, I'll be hit worse. I wish I had stayed behind and say this to you personally, but this will have to do for now. Thank you.

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Anonymous Kelvin said...

Go n learn how to ride a bicycle without those balancers first...

10/13/2007 1:16 AM  

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